Why to Choose Greece for my Destination Wedding?

Why to Choose Greece for my Destination Wedding?

Everybody knows that Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The scenic islands, the crystal blue sea, and the good food have set Greece as one of the most popular destinations worldwide.
Within the last few years we have seen the amount of foreigners getting married in Greece to increase dramatically.
Greece is worldwide known for its sun, the sea, the beautiful places, the good food and the good people. Another aspect of Greece that not many people are aware of is how a wedding in Greece can become a memory for life, whether you are having a traditional Greek wedding, or a vintage or luxurious wedding. Many people are struggling to decide why their destination wedding, but they are not really familiar with the actual places that their destination wedding will be held.
Greece has a unique beauty that no matter how many places you have visited you will never find a place that looks just like it. But let’s face it, when deciding  for a destination wedding not many things you know nor about the place (unless you have visited previously) or the process and documentation of the marriage.
It is really important to have answers to your questions regarding your wedding.
Every groom and bride that are about to decide where to have their destination wedding they certainly wonder “Why should we get married in Greece?”.

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Well, the reasons are simple and clear:
Romantic Sceneries.Greece’s landscape and islands are being frequently used in Hollywood movies. Have your wedding with the Green backdrop of Skiathos, and live yourself Mama Mia moments or experience the magnificent scene of Pylos and Messinia just like Ethan Hawk with Julie Delpy did in “Before Midnight”
Keep it private. Destination weddings usually have the closest friends and families attending, and the couple’s with their wedding planner ‘s effort to maximize the success of the event is more focused well organized rather than having many guests. You will be able to enjoy your wedding with the guests and will enjoy having them in this important moment of your life.
Save money. Greece is considered as one of the cheapest countries worldwide in having your wedding. You will save a lot of money as your guests will be limited.
All in one place. You can combine your weeding ceremony and celebration and then you can have your honeymoon at the same place.
Traditions. Experience the traditional Greek wedding with its beautiful music, good food and wine, unique customs, singing and dancing.
Make the difference. If you are one of those couples that don’t live with the rules then you can have an extreme wedding, either at the beach, barefoot.
Relax and Enjoy it. As this is one of the most important moments to a couples common life, you should enjoy your days in Greece without worrying about anything regarding the big day, whole Exclusive Wedding Tales will be undertaking everything for you. all you have to do is relax and enjoy yourselves.


Another question that will be raised soon is “How do I get Married in Greece?”
As many couples leave abroad they are not familiar with the process of having a wedding in Greece the best thing that the couple should do is to contact a wedding planner in Greece where he/she  can give them all the necessary information about the process. Usually the wedding planners in Greece undertake all the tasks in order to have a wedding,
from the documentations, to booking the church, the venue, the flowers the photographers, the gifts and everything that consist a wedding. Some people might think how can i trust a wedding planner that I’ve never met and how do I know that they will deliver the wedding in an excellent manner? Well, this depends absolutely on the couple and the wedding planner. If the wedding planner is clear with his/her answers and is excited to help and advise you then you can trust their work, besides most of the planners have a website where the couples can have an idea of the company’s previous work.

Little need to say, Greece should definitely be considered as an option for a couple that plans to have their wedding abroad.