Reviews of our Wedding Planning Services in Greece

We have helped organized many weddings in destinations all over Greece during the last 10+ years. Below are some of the Love Notes that we have received from our happy couples.

Korin & Jose

We were extremely lucky to find Exclusive Wedding Tales, to help plan our destination wedding. I was nervous planning a wedding in Greece from the United States but after speaking over Skype I was felt assured that we were making the right choice. Not only did they help with choosing the right location but directed us to the most amazing vendors!

Family has always been the most important part of our lives and each and every vendor we worked with treated us like a part of their family. I am convinced that we couldn’t have found these amazing vendors to work with without Exclusive Wedding Tales.

We flew in just a few days before the wedding and we were able to enjoy Greece as everything had already been taken care of! Our wedding was so much more than we could have imagined and five months later not only does our family still talk about it but everyone notes how much they enjoyed having the Exclusive Wedding Tales team present! Having them be a part of our wedding was like having close friends celebrating with us!! Our dream wedding would not have been possible without them!!

Kristina & Chris

I came across Exclusive Wedding Tales when searching online for a wedding planner based in Greece and, after an initial chat, we hit it off right away.

The team made me feel like i was the only bride it was working with throughout the 10 month planning process. They were responsive, trustworthy and so friendly. Together, we planned the wedding of my dreams that all my guests still talk about to this day!!

I’ll be forever grateful to Exclusive Wedding Tales for this!

Tracy & Aboudy

Exclusive wedding tales gave us the wedding of our dreams without feeling the stress of all the planning.

They knew all the best suppliers from the venue, photographers to videographers, florists to caterers. They were able to meet our budget and still keep a very high standard of quality.

The team is very friendly, very attentive and responsive. They truly understood our unique vision for the wedding and gracefully brought it to life. We were truly lucky to have chosen them, and I can’t recommend them enough.

Dean & Kiki

Exclusive Wedding Tales gave us the wedding of our wildest dreams. I can’t even begin to express the feeling when we arrived at our wedding reception and everything was even more beautiful than we could have imagined.

From the minute you have your first conversation with them, you can tell they are so dedicated to bringing your vision to life. They are incredibly organized and friendly, which makes a usually stressful process actually enjoyable! The only bad thing is when the wedding’s over and you don’t have an excuse to have weekly chats with them anymore! We can’t recommend Exclusive Wedding Tales enough!

Mario & Debbie

It was a pleasure working with EWT – they are very detail oriented, friendly, and offers great suggestions to make your day magical.
We had a general idea of the area in Greece we wanted to get married in and they were able to provide excellent recommendations for the Venue, Florist, Hair Stylist, Photographer, Transportation and Welcome Bags.

They were always available to discuss ideas and helped us turn concepts into reality by leveraging past experiences and working with vendors to tailor to our needs and particular style.

We were very focused on a simplistic and modern style and EWT brought forward recommendations to help us attain our vision. The centerpieces and welcome bags turned out excellent and our guests loved them!! Making sure our guests had an amazing time was also very important to us and EWT helped us focus on this as well.

Planning a destination wedding can be daunting but EWT was there to help us work through everything and ensure things were done correctly. For us, the entire experience of planning the wedding which kicked off about a year prior was an amazing journey and the wedding day is one we will never forget !

Ida & Vasili

Leading up to our wedding and the day itself would have taken a completely different route if it was not for Exclusive Wedding Tales. From the moment we Skyped, we knew they were the one we wanted to share our special day with.

They are so organized, have wonderful ideas/opinions, know the best vendors, and can read a crowd and foresee needs before they are even requested. They are so kind and lovely and was by far the best decision we made!!! Thank you for all of your hard work, you are truly special.

Kelly & Angelo

Where can we start? Angelo and I live and work in Australia and chose to get married in Kalamata so that we could have our surviving grandparents with us on the day. Both of us have demanding jobs and combined with a short engagement, we did not have much time to plan our wedding. Weddings are done a little differently in Australia compared to what we were being told from Greece while we were trying to organise our wedding ourselves. At times, before we met Exclusive Wedding Tales, we thought that the wedding we wanted was simply not achievable in the location we had chosen.

Luckily one day, only a couple of months before our wedding, I found Exclusive Wedding Tales online. Simply put, they saved our wedding and made our day. From the beginning to the end they were so easy to work with, making everything hassle free and notwithstanding they only had approximately 40 days to organise our wedding.

Communicating with them was so easy because there was no longer a language barrier (it was a big deal for to be able to express myself in English) or cultural ‘norms’ to contend with. Plus, they were available at any time of the day by phone, email, skype, viber, facebook, you name it! They instantly made us feel safe and we knew we were in good trust worthy hands from the start. As it turns out, they showed me and Angelo time and time again that they are honest, genuinely excited to be a part of their clients’ lives and caring- even after the wedding is over. Everytime we talk about a wedding we think of them and we thank our lucky stars that we had them to take care of things for us. Even my parents still talk about them. We will forever be grateful for everything that they did for us.

Joelle & Fady

Exclusive wedding tales is a family owned business with very nice and responsive providers! We had our destination wedding in Paros – Greece managed by these guys and we were always pleasantly surprised by the choice of their providers and their commitment to make it work for you!

You have a customized service at a click of a button and you feel comfortable managing your wedding far away from home. Thank you for everything you did for us!! We wish you the best in your coming events!

Kahroba & Jose

Exclusive Wedding Tales worked hard and diligently in helping with our wedding in Mykonos. Living in the United States she made sure that everything was exactly as we requested and always supported us. Being so far away we had  to trust her with our ideas and vision and she made it all come true! We were very pleased with their work, they were very easy to communicate and work with, always available to us and we would recommend them to everyone looking to plan a wedding in Greece!

Alex & Kathryn

We found our dream wedding location pretty much by accident whilst on holiday in the Peloponnese. As somewhere close to both our hearts and knowing we’d always wanted a rustic wedding on the beach, we were incrediably keen to get married there, but the venue we fell in love with had never hosted a ceremony. To add, the owners were wonderful but didn’t speak much English and it was quite off the beaten track.

We’d nearly written off hoping to get married there, until we found Exclusive Wedding Tales! They filled us with hope and positive energy from start to finish with their professional but personal ‘can-do’ approach. We had not made life easy for them by picking such an unknown and untested location, but you wouldn’t have known this, and they worked tirelessly behind the scenes to create the occasion we dreamed of. They very easily understood our vision and listened to what we wanted and didn’t want, and throughout a year of planning was always immediately available to respond, chat and check on plans and progress with us, acting as our eyes and our voice to arrange the hundreds of details that make a wedding so special, but otherwise potentially very stressful. It was an absolute pleasure to work with their team, who went absolutely above and beyond for us in many ways.

It was our wish and great pleasure that one member of the team was finally our witness and translator on the day of our wedding to make it all legal.

If we were to plan our day again I doubt we’d change a thing, thanks to Exclusive Wedding Tales, who we now call our great friends. We can’t recommend them enough!

Terry & Tom

Tom and I live in the USA, but are both very proud of our Greek heritage.  We decided to have a destination wedding in Tom’s hometown of Kalamata.  It was meaningful to both of us to marry in the same church where Tom’s parents married in 1959, and where Tom also served as an altar boy.

We knew that we needed help to pull it all together, and Exclusive Wedding Tales made our traditional Greek wedding a dream come true.  They were truly a pleasure to work with, and paid attention to each and every detail– from the paperwork needed for our church wedding, to the flowers and decorations at the reception.

They kept us apprised of each step in the process, and even though we lived half a world away, we had full confidence in their abilities and knowledge of the business.  They worked with us to ensure an amazing wedding ceremony and reception, surpassing our wildest expectations.  We are forever grateful for everything that you have done for us!

Stefanos & Eliza

With Exclusive Wedding Tales we have been friends for almost 6 years so when the time came for our wedding we just knew that she was the right person to trust! Thankfully we had the opportunity to meet a few times before the wedding and to discuss about all the small details that were so important to us.

They personally arranged some important issues we had and we are extremely thankful for their patience and all the hard work and effort. We know that we were very demanding as we wanted everything to be perfect but they managed to plan everything better than expected! The team of Exclusive Wedding Tales was very professional with all the set up that we can’t thank you enough!