Wedding in Peloponnese: A guide through the best wedding locations

Wedding in Peloponnese: A guide through the best wedding locations

Peloponnese is probably the most well known region of the Greek mainland. Located at the southern tip of the mainland, and in close distance from Athens, Peloponnese has historically been the center of action and the region with the most important archaeological sites.

Peloponnese however is not just that. During the last decade it has become a center of attention not just for its major developments and tourism increase, but for the popularity as a wedding destination .

While couples from abroad are looking through potential locations for their destination wedding, one should not overlook the fact that Peloponnese can offer everything a couple is looking for. It is no secret that the region is well know for its organic products – who doesn’t love Kalamatan olives, the well known hospitality; filoxenia as we like to call it, the suburban agriculture, and the dreamy views.

Surrounded by sea from all sides, the region offers amazing opportunities that could be easily compared to the Greek islands.

Wedding in Kalamata

The visitors can enjoy the calmness of the family oriented beaches, the kids’ friendly squares, the local bars and restaurants absolutely addressed to all sorts of ages, and the amazingly delicious food, all coming from the local production. If you are a fan of the above and you are looking for a wedding destination then Kalamata is the go to place



Photographer Vasilis Kouroupis

Here you can find your inspiration on weddings in Kalamata organized by Exclusive Wedding Tales.

Wedding in Mani

Mani Peninsula which is also known as Maina, is the central southern prong of mainland Greece. Despite the inhospitable landscape of barren rocks, Mani is one of the most authentic and traditional regions one can ever experience in Greece.

Areas such as Oitylo, Kardamyli, and Areopoli set Mani as a famous destination for its authenticity. Stone build facilities and crystal clear waters are exactly what one is looking for

Photographer Vasilis Kouroupis

As inspirational as it gets, here is the proof that a destination wedding in Mani is exactly the reason the peninsula has a growing popularity.

Wedding in Monemvasia

Monemvasia is a town located in a small island  off the east coast of Peloponnese. Connected to the mainland by a short causeway, Monemvasia is the the site of a once-powerful medieval fortress. The town’s walls and many churches remain until today as a reminder of the town’s great history.

Getting married in Monemvasia will leave you in awe, with the secluded areas and the beautiful landscapes prolonging for a mysteriously romantic adventure.

Photographer Yiannis Sotiropoulos

If you are still not sure on what to expect here’s a little something to convince you.

Wedding in Pylos

Although it’s a long drive from Athens, Pylos has a mystical feeling that urges you to see for your own. Whether your vibe a beach wedding, or you are looking into a more luxurious experience, Pylos has it all. With unspoiled beaches on one side, and amazingly developed facilities on the other, Pylos has welcomed numerous events, weddings and conferences. Freshly made food – especially seafood- Pylos is definitely an experience that everyone should enjoy.


Photographer Magdalene Kourti 

If you are yet to be convinced just check out this wedding in Pylos, it might be the setting stone for you!

Hosting a destination wedding in Peloponnese is a big decision, especially for couples and guests traveling from the other side of the world. In all honesty though, it has nothing less to offer than the Greek islands. In fact, it is a safe choice and a good way to familiarize your guests with the authenticity and history of the Greek culture.

The breathtaking sunlight, the natural surroundings and the crystal clear beaches are elements that you will endlessly cherish!