Grand exit transportation ideas

Grand exit transportation ideas

This is probably the time that most couples and wedding planners are finalising the last details of the weddings taking place this wedding season! If you are having your destination wedding in Greece, and the wedding ceremony is at a different location than your venue, then you should definitely cosnider your mean of transportation for your grand exit as married couple!

Throughout the years people have come up with many ideas for their exit, but this definitely depends on the location, the accesibility and the season.

Today we would like to show you some classic – or not – means of transportation from your wedding ceremony, and we hope that you find some inspiration through these!


A classic, vintage off white Mercedes matching perfectly the country side surroundings

Photo credits: Thanos Asfis


A horse carriage, giving that extra romantice touch

Photo credits:


A classic all Black convertible Mercedes, complementing your boho sense of style!


Photo credits: Vasilis Kouroupis


An all black Mercedes S class, for those that seek the luxury they deserve!

Photo credits:George Pahountis


And while, this reminds us of the many options that Greece offers, we are a step closer to this year’s wedding season, ready to celebrate our couples’ destination weddings in Greece.