Why is Greece the ultimate wedding destination

Why is Greece the ultimate wedding destination

Being a traveler i have been blessed enough to see and experience many places around the globe! It is no secret that i deeply love the nature and especially wedding locations that are surrounded by natural elements, whether that’s the sea, a forest, historic streets, and beautiful virgin landscapes that just take your breath away!

It is also no secret the reason i left the United States to come and leave in Greece! Besides my husband i also wanted to experience the majestic nature that Greece hides through its hiden landscapes. As a wedding planner i have seen many hidden treasures of Greece that have not been affected by the urban living and have remained just like god has created them

There is a huge variety of locations to choose in Greece for hosting a wedding, whether that is an island or in the Greek mainland!

Below i’m sharing with some of my favorite places in Greece that i trully have in my heart and i’m sure you will love as well!

Paros island



Paros, Greece, Greek Islands, Naoussa, Cyclades, Europe, Fishing boats docked in Naoussa Harbor on Paros Island on the Aegean Sea.



Crete island






Santorini island






Mykonos island






Naxos island




Pylos, Peloponnese




Monemvasia, Peloponnese




Tinos island




There are so much more places that i want to share with you that it would take days to post and write about them!

What’s not to love to all these places! Thats why i love Greece! Spring is here and summer is coming!

Positive vibes for a beautiful week everyone!