Wedding in Santorini: A memory for life!

Wedding in Santorini: A memory for life!

Well, almost everybody have heard  at least once in their lifetime about Santorini Island.

A top destination in Greece, mainly known for its breathtaking views, the crystal clear waters, the romantic colorful sunsets and of course its popularity of destination weddings.

The last years Santorini has become number one place for destination weddings and that leaves no doubt why is now considered as the island with the most visitors every year.

People from all around the globe visit every year this gorgeous island to experience its unique architecture , the picturesque view from Caldera, the delicious Greek food at the local tavernas right by the sea, and the hospitality of the locals!

We always admire the couples getting married abroad as this makes their wedding day even more special.

Weddings in Santorini became very popular as people from all religions can get married there, or even people that only want a civil wedding or a blessing!

We definitely recommend Santorini island as a wedding destination because it combines all elements; Earth, Water, fire and Air. Simplicity with romance, luxury with elegance, and taste with style blend all together and result to an absolutely amazing experience: the experience of Santorini!

A small sample of what you are missing if you haven’t been to Santorini yet! And if you are a bride or groom to be, then this is the time to decide for your wedding destination!


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We will be back next week with our new wedding destination post!

Until then stay safe and love each other!