Peloponnese: My favorite wedding destination!

Peloponnese: My favorite wedding destination!

My greatest passion in life is to travel. Short or long trips are exactly what I’m into throughout the year!

I have seen a lot of places in Greece and I truly loved them all. There is always a hidden paradise wherever you go, by car or by boat and if you have the time there is no better place to live and explore. I feel really fortunate to live in this country as I will probably need a life time to see not all but at least many Greek locations that I want to visit.

As a greek wedding planner the best part of my job is that I am able to visit new and old places, discover new treasures (location gems as I like to call them) and most of all to find the perfect destination wedding locations. I’m so in love with Greece that I really don’t think I could be me in any other place. Most of all though, i love Peloponnese! I guess i can call it my happy place!

I’m not the type of person that i get of my comfort zone easily but when im there i feel that i can achieve anything!

Peloponnese is a peninsula and geographic region in southern Greece. It is divided in three administrative regions and each of them is equally beautiful.

The reason i feel that this region is the best wedding destination in Greece is because of its location, architecture, food, kindness, calmness and the list goes on.  a lot of its areas are stone build and have a significant history behind them that truly inspires you once you get there. Among my favorite locations in Peloponnese are Kalamata, Monemvasia, Pylos, Stoupa, Mani, Oitylo and Gytheio!

Useless to say that the Peloponnesians cook the best food ever, as they have their own organic products!


A few images of the region below will convince you that this is your next destination, and who knows even your wedding destination!


Gerolimenas, Mani



Pylos, Romanos Resort, Costa Navarino



Oitylo, Mani



Methoni Castle



Voidokoilia, Messinia



Oitylo, Petra & Fos Boutique hotel



Gytheio, Laconia


You really need to get there to see all the hidden places! I can’t wait to go back this coming September for our next destination wedding!

Until then I’ll continue planning my next adventure in Peloponnese!