Marriage: A blessing for everybody

Marriage: A blessing for everybody

For the past few years working and living as a wedding planner I have seen a lot of couples with great appreciation and deep love for each other.

I have experienced grooms in tears at the first sight of their brides and I’ve experienced brides looking at their grooms in a magical way that I couldn’t explain it! Until now!

I love my job and I couldn’t do it without a certain person. The one that has totally changed my life.

5 years after we met our love has grown so much that we just knew we are meant to spend our lives together!

Being married does change you. it makes you realize the deep appreciation you have for your other half! It makes you see all the goodness in his actions and that safety and security that everybody seeks.

I am thankful for sharing my life for the last 5 years with him and I am more thankful that I get to grow with him and walk by his side through good and bad times.

Love is a gift truly sent from above, and this Christmas I am given the opportunity to see it from another point of view! I’m grateful that I get to spend this Christmas once again with the person that is giving me all the strength in the world.

Marriage is not a state of mind. Marriage is a live long situation where two persons grow old together walking side by side.

Love each other as much as you can!