Intimate wedding tips and ideas

Intimate wedding tips and ideas

When it comes to wedding celebrations, many couples opt for an intimate wedding.

This kind of weddings often means a four-course dinner and more time to spend with your guests. It is also a great way for your guests to socialize and to get to know each other better.
When a couple is planning a small wedding that means that every detail is noticed, and here is where we are called for a careful and methodical planning. When dealing with a small number of people couples are more flexible to have the wedding they are dreaming, from the guests’ gifts, to the entertainment part. Baskets with local goodies are easier to offer, especially if they contain a variety of goods while keeping the cost within the budget.

Entertainment on the other hand is a key element for a successful and memorable wedding. A smaller group of guests it’s easier to motivate and to get everyone in the act, whether that would be sharing a pray or a few words with you, the exchange of vows, or even by keeping them close to each other on a family style set up.
Destination weddings is the perfect excuse to keep your guests number low. Besides, on that day we know that you need your closest friends and family with you, and this is exactly what it will make your wedding day a memory for life.

The hard part of an intimate wedding though is when families may protest for having to cut down their list – and so you should therefore, be prepared to explain why some of them won’t receive an invitation. Honestly here, there is no easy way to do this, so just be honest with them, and be ready for the occasional hurt feelings

As I’m a huge fan of intimate weddings I would like to share with you some tips and ideas for a small wedding, that could help with the planning and the things you could do for you and your guests

1. Make welcome gifts or wedding favors: Inviting a few people gives you the flexibility with your budget to be creative with wedding favors. Choose from local products, that your guests will love to use and will be thankful for this generous gesture from you! It’s a great way to show your appreciation to your guests for sharing this special day with you

2. Organize pre and post wedding activities: As mentioned previously by limiting your guests list your budget frees up, therefore you can always organize a pre wedding dinner and fun activities on the day after. It is certain that after a wedding party until the early morning hours, your guests will appreciate a good brunch, or activities such as water skiing, local sightseeing if your wedding is at a historic city, or a beach party at your favorite beach bar.

3. Personalize your wedding invitation: Have your wedding invitations in handwritten calligraphy, share a unique note with each of them, and show your guests that you actually spend time and effort to invite them. This will show how important they are to you.

4. Intimate seating arrangement: Having fewer guests allows for more creative seating arrangements. Have a long family style table, or one circular table so everyone can get to know each other and can interact more easily.

5. Hire live music A quartet, a saxophone player or an harp would add up to your intimate wedding. Choose your favorite music, create a playlist and let your guests enjoy the magic moments of a live music

6. Group photos: The less guests you have the more group photos you will get. Gather up your friends and ask you photographer for group photos that will forever remind you how blessed you are that you had your loved ones with you on your wedding day

I hope these small tips help with your intimate wedding planning!

Happy Wednesday!