Interviewing a professional Make Up Artist.

Interviewing a professional Make Up Artist.

I haven’t really had the chance to update my blog for a while due to the high season of weddings and events!

As we are going through the second half of our wedding season I found some time to meet Maria Semertzidou, a truly amazing person and a very talented Professional Make Up artist, and discuss with her about the significance of the bridal make up, the importance of choosing the right Make Up artist and a few tips for the future brides!

Enjoy our discussion!


K: Hello Maria, and thank you very much for your time! It is always a pleasure chatting with you!

M: Hello Kyriaki, let me introduce my self! My name is Maria Semertzidou and I am a Professional Make up Artist! I have always loved making people and especially women feeling beautiful and special and that is the main reason I decided to become a Make Up Artist!

K: How long have you been a makeup artist?

M: I have been a make up artist since 2008

K: What makes you differ from other makeup artists?

M: I think that what makes me different from other professionals is the fact that my main goal is to reflect my client’s personality and style to the overall look, instead of changing what the style represents.

K: Have you worked on all skin types?

M: Throughout all these years I work as a Make Up Artist I have worked to all skin types, from the easiest to the hardest!

K: Which style of makeup do you like the most?

M: My favorite make up style is the natural look with some intense touches to the bride’s strong features!

K: What do the brides usually prefer?

M: The brides are usually very confused between different styles, but in general I would say they lean more towards a more romantic and natural look.

K: What does look better on blond brides and what on brunettes?

M: On the blondies I prefer more natural colors with bronze additions, and for the brunetters I love the color of plum!

K: Tell us an example of one of your most important projects

M: Some of the most important projects I have worked are the backstage fashion shows where you have to work with many models, actors and artists at the same time!

K: What does a bride has to take into consideration when choosing her make up style?

M: A bride has to keep in mind the overall style of her wedding! The bridal dress and the wedding decoration have a significant importance for the choosing the right bridal make up style.

K: What are some of the current make up trends for this year?

M: Blue smokey eues! It’s the hottest fashion trend for this year which is very impressive. Blue eye shadows, blue eyeliner gel, and blue eye coloring pencil create a new approach of the smokey look!

K: Why is the trial important?

M: the bridal trial is extremely important because the bride can see live more than one looks applied on her, which will make her choice easier. It is also a way to confirm that the make up artist she chose meets her expectations and needs.

K: Airbrush make up is growing up in popularity. What are its benefits?

M: The airbrush make up is a very popular technique, and that’s because it gives a more natural look, and it is usually chosen by the brides that don’t generally wear make up.

K: What are some ways that brides can keep skin tip top on the big day?

M: The skin preparation before the wedding is extremely important, so make sure you discuss with your beautician your needs, and what it will require to tone your skin with special treatments appropriate for your skin type. You can be sure that after that you will glow!

K: Any advice on choosing a makeup look for the big day?

M: My advise to all brides that struggle to choose a style is to just Be Herself! Do not exaggerate, make your choice that reflect you and you will definitely glow on your Big Day!


PS: Below you will find a sample of Maria’s work, but if you want to see more visit:

From me xoxo