How to choose your bridal flowers!

How to choose your bridal flowers!

As a bride’s wedding bouquet is most likely the most important bouquet of flowers that she will ever hold the final decision of choosing her wedding’s flower should match the whole event’s theme.

Here are a few tips to make your decision easier:

1. Listen to your wedding planner

Your wedding planner is the person that will guide you through your thoughts and ideas regarding your wedding’s design. As a professional, you wedding planner has worked countless times with brides and has a greater view of the flowers you might like, based on your needs and requirements. Also, your wedding planner will get you ideas from several different florists and you will choose for the one that suites you best.

2. Consider the time of the year that you are having your wedding

summerAs the last few year the demand on wedding flowers has increased commercial growers extended the times that certain flowers can be available. You will most likely find the flowers you want to have at your wedding, but you should definitely consider choosing arrangements that match the season.


3. Try to keep your flowers fresh during your wedding day.

Choose flowers that will stay fresh throughout the entire day. Look for ones with a waxy texture to ensure staying power. Buying local flowers are more likely to last longer during that day since blooms that are in season in your wedding’s area will survive a long day.

wedding bouquetAlso, when it comes to the wedding flowers, the higher the temperature the more upkeep they will need. Make sure you have them delivered on the day of the wedding and ask from your wedding planner to have a refrigerator on site to store them before the ceremony starts. As a professional, your wedding planner will also arrange to have a spray water bottle on hand and give your flowers a light misting every hour or so.


4. Choose flowers that match your wedding theme and personality

Before choosing the flowers keep keep in mind the color of your wedding dress, your shoes, your bridesmaids’ dresses and finally the style of your wedding. If you want to have a vintage wedding rather that a country or rustic wedding your options might vary. Your wedding planner or florist will give you ideas that best reflect to your wedding’s style.


5. Choose the right centerpieces.

If for example you are getting married during summer time you have plenty of summer centerpieces arrangements to choose from. tall centerpiece

If you are having a formal ballroom wedding go for tall vases overflowing with a mix of bold and deep-hued flowers accented with feathers or gems. For an outdoor wedding consider colorful, locally grown flowers.