Boho Chic Wedding Inspiration

Boho Chic Wedding Inspiration

If you have already decided to have a destination wedding in the magic land of Greece, then you are probably struggling to decide the style of the wedding you want to have. The majestic view of the sea, the rocky mountains, and the unique architecture can make your decision harder than you thought.

The landscapes of Greece combine so many natural elements that you can truly incorporate almost every style into it and the result will be flawless!

Today I decided to give you some inspirational ideas that would be great for wedding locations such as Athens, Peloponnese, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete and Paros.

The beautiful vibrant colors, the unique decorative objects, and the spectacular location you will choose will make your wedding a memorable one!

Enjoy the full of inspiration ideas material!


Source: Calli B Photography




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Source: Calli B Photography




Source: Calli B Photography



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What’s not to love at a colorful, bright wedding?! Beautiful ideas, nicely set up in detail, for your special day!