A unique next day photoshoot in Kalamata

A unique next day photoshoot in Kalamata

Hello friends!

It has been soooo long since the last time I wrote a blog post. A promise made to myself is to start sharing with you more of our work and life’s adventure with you! I have been involved into many different things lately, but while the wedding season is almost here, I really wanted to share some of the life experiences I was fortunate to go through last year!

So, last year ended in the most amazing way, as we had our last destination wedding of the season in our favorite location, Peloponnese. And I say we, because both me and  my partner in crime (aka the husband!) absolutely love visiting this beautiful and natural side of Greece, that is well known for the traditional greek products it produces, the locals’ hospitality, the virgin olive groves, the sea and the list goes on.

So this couple, Gabrielle and Stavro had this crazy idea, to do their next day photo shoot during the grape stomping procedure that the groom’s family organized as per their annual tradition. The grape stomping is a part of method of maceration. Rather than using a wine press the grapes were crushed by the barefoot family, repeatedly stomp on them to release their juices and begin fermentation. It was such a fun procedure and the couple enjoyed some family time while following the Greek traditions.

The photoshoot continued in an olive grove in Kalamata, and at the seaside part of the city. the weather was absolutely fantastic and the photos taken by our good friend and excellent destination wedding photographer Vasilis Kouroupis reflect exactly the happiness on their faces, and the Greek culture.

Here is a small gallery of the next day photoshoot! It was for sure an extra ordinary shooting!









































The best part is that, for another year we will be going to our beloved Peloponnese for a series of destination weddings, and we are absolutely happy that we are given once again the opportunity to go there, and discover new locations and honor old well known ones!

So for this, cheers to a great wedding season to all!