A destination wedding proposal at the Athens Airport in Greece

A destination wedding proposal at the Athens Airport in Greece

So last week I was spending my Wednesday afternoon with the Miss M, trying to do some handcrafts when the phone rang! I see a Russian number, I answer the phone and a male voice is on the other side of the line.

Before I manage to say anything he explained to me in 3 sentences that they are both Russian, he is madly in love with her, and that he wants to propose at the Athens Airport; in 3 days! In 3 days people! Long story short, after a few phone calls we managed to put together a great team, Vasilis Kouroupis would honor us as the photographer, Melodima would provide 2 guitars to play “November Rain” while Alexey was walking towards Anna, RedBoxDays created for us a gorgeous bouquet made of peonies (later we found out that peonies are the bride’s favorite flower!), the authorities of Athens International Airport for their valuable assistance to the planning and Exclusive Wedding Tales would act not as a destination wedding planner this time, but as the coordinator of a very romantic and emotional wedding proposal taking place at the arrivals of the Athens Airport, while Anna is waiting for Alexey.

Anna of course had no idea what was going to happen. Along with the Airport Authorities we set up 2 speakers that played “November Rain” just seconds before Alexey came out. Anna was thinking how nice it would be if Alexey could hear his favorite song! The most emotional part started when Alexey came out of the customs, the music from the speakers stopped and the 2 two guitars started playing the song live, escorting him all the way to Anna where he did the big question!

For the rest, see for yourself!









































































So Anna said YES, as you can see! And this is what me and my team want to see when meeting young couples. Real, pure unconditional love! That’s what is all about, sharing your life with a person that makes you a better you!

Congratulations to Anna and Alexey, and a big Thank you to the team, which although it was a last minute request everything went as planned!