Wedding Planners in Mani

Mani, a region in the southern Peloponnese in Greece, is known for its rugged mountains, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural heritage. Weddings in Mani are steeped in tradition and are a celebration of family, community, and love. In this article, we will explore the traditional wedding customs of Mani, from the pre-wedding ceremonies to the reception and celebrations.

In Mani, pre-wedding customs are an essential part of the wedding celebration. The engagement ceremony is a formal agreement between the families of the bride and groom, and it is usually held at the groom’s home. The bride’s dowry, which includes household items and jewelry, is also presented at this time. Another traditional pre-wedding custom is the bride’s “kidnapping,” where the groom and his friends “kidnap” the bride and take her to his home. This is done as a test of the groom’s love for the bride and is a playful and lighthearted tradition.


The traditional wedding ceremony in Mani is a beautiful and meaningful event. The ceremony begins with the lighting of the candles, which symbolizes the joining of two families. The bride and groom then exchange rings and are crowned with traditional wedding crowns. The sharing of the wedding cup, which is filled with wine, is also an important part of the ceremony. This symbolizes the sharing of love and joy between the bride and groom. The role of family and community is also central to the wedding ceremony, with the bride and groom surrounded by their loved ones.


After the wedding ceremony, the reception and celebrations begin. Traditional foods such as roast lamb, grilled octopus, and spanakopita (spinach pie) are served, along with local wine and music. The celebrations are lively and joyous, with dancing and singing. The community comes together to celebrate the union of the bride and groom, and the celebrations can last well into the night.


Weddings in Mani are steeped in tradition and are a celebration of family, community, and love. The pre-wedding customs, such as the engagement ceremony, bride’s dowry and the bride’s “kidnapping” are important rituals that are steeped in meaning. The wedding ceremony is a beautiful and meaningful event that is full of symbolic gestures, while the reception and celebrations that follow are lively and joyous. The traditional foods, music, and wine add to the celebration and make it a unique and memorable event. Weddings in Mani are an excellent example of the rich cultural heritage of the region and are a celebration of life and love.