Unique gifts for your guests

Unique gifts for your guests

Here at Exclusive Wedding Tales we always seek for new, fresh ideas and we love creating trends.

One of the trends that we love is offering wedding gifts to the guests as a token of the couple’s appreciation for sharing with them their special day!

The secret however is in the detail. As a destination wedding planner in Greece my suggestion is to offer something that will remind to them that special day! As I’m a true lover of the natural products that Greece has been providing us since forever I would like to show you some amazing ideas that you will probably love as much as I do. Gifts made out of natural ingredients and treats that only in Greece can taste so good!


naturally greek

Item: Oil Cookies – Source: Naturally Greek







Item: Hair Shampoo – Source: Mcosmetics






naturally greek2

Item: Tsipouro – Source: Naturally Greek







Item: Diples – Source: E-Greektastes






Item: Damask Rose Soap – Source: Mcosmetics






naturally greek3

Item: Rosemary Salt – Source: Naturally Greek





greek risoto

Item: Greek Risotto – Source: Fystiki Shop






greek honey

Item: Greek Honey With Mastiha – Source: Fystiki Shop


The Greek land has been very generous with us over the years. Natural products are a great idea to treat your guests as not only they will love the quality, but they will fall in love with it just like we do every time we try something new!

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Until next time!