Micro weddings in Greece, the new trend

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Micro weddings in Greece, the new trend

Some people call them elopements, some micro weddings and some others minimories. No matter how you call it, planning a small wedding has some great benefits!

Up until nowthe average number of guests of destination wedding in Greece was 150-200. With the COVID pandemic affecting everyone for the past year, the circumstances have change this with the new trend of micro weddings. People used to see the need of having weddings with lots guests; this has now change with the couples resetting their priorities and needs.

The trend of micro weddings has been around for some years, however the need for safety has massively increase the number of couples looking to get married with their immediate families and closed ones.  Although many 2020 weddings have been rescheduled for 2021, the Greek destination industry identifies that the events hosted in Greece in 2020 were mostly micro weddings.


So, what does a micro wedding has to offer?

Feels like an elopment, with more people

For the couples who love the laid back feeling of an elopment, a micro wedding is ideal but with a few more loved ones invloved.

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Small wedding, plenty of time!

A smaller wedding can give to the couple plenty of time to interact with their individual loved ones! Micro weddings are ideal for having your immediate family and loved ones with you on this special day!

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Photographer: George Pahountis


Ability to personalise and customise the details

It’s all in the details! When planning a micro wedding the things to worry are much less compared to a larger scale wedding, which gives you more time to think and work on all those details that will show your guests your appreciation for their attendance!

Photographer: Vasilis Kouroupis


Quality, yes please!

Just because you are having a micro wedding itdoesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality. In fact you can re-allocate your initial budget in order to elevate certain things you really love.

Photographer: Vasilis Kouroupis


The financial part

It takes no doubt that a micro wedding needs less of a budget than a regular wedding as we new it so far. Having a small guests’ list allows you to save money from food and drinks, which you can definitely use on the dream wedding dress you always wanted, or to the classy car for your grand exit you have been dreaming for!

Photographer: Vasilis Kouroupis


As couples come to the realization that a micro wedding could be so fun and beneficial, it has now become a trend! If Greece is your wedding destination, you really need to know that there are so many options for your special day! and if you are still unsure about the location here you can get some ideas!