Choosing the perfect wedding favors!

Choosing the perfect wedding favors!

Couples traditionally give wedding favors at their wedding’s reception to say thank you yo their guests. This gesture is a small token of appreciation to those who share that special day with the couple.

The tradition of giving wedding favors dates back to 16th Century and wealthy and noble people offered gifts of pastries. The most common favor, Bonbonnieres where flavorful sugared almonds and soon the gift of five almonds became a tradition symbolizing the five hopes of the new family: happiness, fertility, wealth, health and longevity.

Nowadays couples tend to choose more personalized gifts for their guests. Edible gifts like cookies and items that can be used or kept as souvenirs are more common as they much the wedding’s theme and the couple’s personality.


Below you will find a few of the wedding favors that some of our past couples had chosen to thank their guests.



candied nuts




olive oil
beach favor
candle favor
hot cocoa


A great tip is to choose a favor that suits you best and matches your wedding’s theme. Your guests will be excited and thankful for your gift and they will definitely appreciate your gesture.